Modify a timer with export / import functionality

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3. When you open TIM for the first time you will be asked to login. You can do this with any Google account either from Google Workspace or Gmail. This will become your TIM account and be used to manage your TIM timers.

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TIM - View for user
TIM - View for organizer

In the screenshots above you can see the additional controls available to organizers in their timer windows. These include stopping and starting the timer (play and rewind buttons inside the clock) as well as being able to move back and forth through the speakers and speaking slots (arrows to the left and right of the clock). In the example above of the organizer view the break is already in the ‘red’ zone meaning it must finish soon. If the organizer feels they are not quite ready to resume, they can stop the timer for everyone and then resume it when they feel everyone can proceed.

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