How much do long virtual meetings cost?


Statistics suggest that middle managers spend approximately 35% of their time in meetings, while upper management spend 50% of their time in meetings.

If we look at this in terms of salary cost per hour/ per participant, we’ll get a quick estimate of how much every long meeting costs our organisations.

Verdict: Long unproductive meetings are financially costly.

A few months ago here at GAT Labs we noticed that our meetings were getting longer, so we performed this simple calculation and what we found prompted us to change how we go about our virtual meetings forever.

Are all long virtual meetings productive? — Not necessarily.

One important observation we noted is — not all meetings are productive or need to drag on for that long.


That can be mostly attributed to poor time management, little-to-no preparation and a general disorganisation of virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings cost and time

That’s why we applied a simple ‘time management’ concept to our virtual meetings and used it to build TIM (time is money): an online meeting’s agenda timer.

And because TIM has been a game changer for us, we decided to make it available for FREE for everyone.

TIM can be used to track meeting time and cost, design your virtual meeting’s agenda, assign speaking slots to participants to limit off-topic discussions and prompt participants to prepare better ahead.

Which ultimately solves the ‘poor preparation’ and ‘disorganisation’ problem from the root and drastically cut meeting time and cost.

Install TIM for FREE today and see the magic happen yourself. Click here to install from the Chrome web store. 

Virtual Meeting Cost

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